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  • You may find basic information to help you identify a possible correct match, including the person's full name, age, current and past addresses

Possible Associates

Neighbours Info

  • This section includes available information about possible family members and roommates.

Criminal & Civil

Court Records

  • Records from thousands of jurisdictions for information about civil and criminal records, court proceedings and litigation history

How can I use People Search?

  • Search for information about someone you met online. Before you meet for coffee, use People Lookup to look for details about the person and to try and learn potential red flags.
  • Connect with someone you’ve lost touch with. Find current contact information for a high school friend, a former neighbor or even an ex.
  • Check and manage your reputation. Do a background check on yourself before a potential big meeting or joining an online dating site to eyeball your digital profile.
  • Take steps to try and avoid potential scams. Look up an online seller or buyer.
  • Look up someone before you travel. Review the reputation of the owner of a vacation property and any potential travel buddies before you commit to that trip.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act and People Search

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates when and how you can use information from public and private records. For example, if an employer runs a credit report before making a hiring decision, they must disclose that information and get permission from the applicant. (This, however, would be a use that is never permitted on WhoDetector-see our Do's and Dont's for more such prohibited uses.)

WhoDetector accesses information from public records, but it is not a consumer reporting agency. This means you can’t use information you uncover from a search to make hiring decisions, screen tenants, determine creditworthiness or initiate processes requiring legal disclosure about the use of information. While you don't need permission to use WhoDetector’s People Lookup, you do need to utilize the information you uncover in a lawful way.